Research Group for Literature and Culture of Late Modernity

Room 230, tel. (22) 6572-854


prof. dr hab. Marek Zaleski (Head)
dr hab. Andrzej Leśniak, prof. IBL PAN
dr Paweł Mościcki
dr Justyna Tabaszewska
dr hab. Katarzyna Czeczot
dr Aleksandra Wójtowicz


dr hab. Adam Lipszyc
dr Jakub Momro
dr Karolina Felberg-Sendecka
mgr Dorota Jarecka


The members of the research group share a conviction that contemporary studies of literature cannot be pursued in isolation from culture in the broad sense, and the influence of its disciplines on the techniques and imagination of both contemporary writers and readers. This is precisely the reason why the subject of our interest in literature in the context of other branches of culture such as: photography, visual and performative arts, theatre, film, comic books, television, etc. Interdisciplinarity is thus a starting point and one of the major assumptions of the work of our research group.

Moreover, theoretical reflection without which it seems impossible to grasp and render in full complex interrelations of various cultural disciplines. In the work of our group we plan to combine cultural and literary studies discourses with those of critical theory, social sciences, anthropology as well as other disciplines in the humanities, where that which is particular and that which is general keep ceaselessly refer to each other.

The third assumption of our activity is an approach to modernity and postmodernity as a dynamic continuum marked by crises perceived as the turning points.

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