We are interested in academic, didactic as well as popularising activities. Referring to the tradition of "Thursday meetings" in the Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences, where scholars from different research departments met, we are planning to organise seminars, lectures, conferences and workshops open to the public; also in co-operation with non-academic institutions such as Modern Art Museum, Zachęta Art Gallery, Theatre Institute, New Theatre, Book Institute, Political Critique, Ha!art Corporation, National Audiovisual Institute, Centre for Contemporary Art at Ujazdowski Castle, etc. Some of the members of our team have already held seminars, lectures and workshops according to their individual syllabi. We would like to continue these activities, enrich them and broaden their impact.

We are planning series of meetings organised by particular members of our group with participation of guest lecturers. We would like to initiate interdisciplinary networks and international research groups working on specific issues from within our leading theme; organise round-table discussions, which would be recorded and their edited transcripts published in academic journal worldwide (this could be a series of such discussions for one of the journals, such as "Teksty Drugie"); regular publications of the outcome of our research as well as other articles and translations in Polish and international academic journals; participation in conferences and public discussions.

As has already been said, we share the conviction that literature should not be isolated from other disciplines of culture, nor from historical research from theoretical reflection. We also believe that the analysis of Polish literature cannot be carried out outside of a broader context, that of world literature and research projects developed in other literary and cultural research centres abroad. That is precisely why one of the priorities of our Group will the stress on constant and vast co-operation with foreign academic institutions.

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