Department of Current Bibliography (IBL Poznań branch) - Conferences, seminars, other events

Department of Current Bibliography – Conferences, seminars, other events


  • 2021/11/22-24 presentation by Cezary Rosiński: How to create a social sciences and humanities (SSH) vocabulary: The GoTriple Hackathon example during the 1st TRIPLE International Conference: Empowering discovery in open social sciences and humanities, online (organized by IBL PAN); 
  • 2021/11/8-10, 2021/11/15-16 1st GoTriple Hackathon (TRIPLE hackathon, co-organized by IBL PAN);
  • 30/09/2021 National bibliographies and catalogs curation and research: digital humanities outlook (DARIAH Bibliographical Data WG Meeting: an open online workshop);
  • 17/10/2019 Future of Czech and Polish Literary Bibliography (the final workshop of the Future of Czech and Polish Literary Bibliography Mobility project); 
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