Centrum Międzynarodowych Badań Polonistycznych [Center for International Polish Studies] Foundation


00-330 Warsaw ul. Nowy Świat 72, Pałac Staszica
room 128, tel./fax (+48 22) 826-99-45
The “Center for International Polish Studies" (CMBP) Foundation has existed since 1995 as a non-profit organization, independent of academic and university structures. It was created upon the initiative of the Institute’s Faculty (Prof. Włodzimierz Bolecki, Prof. Teresa Kostkiewiczowa, Dr Adam Rysiewicz, Prof. Elżbieta Sarnowska-Temeriusz, Prof. Jan Tomkowski and Ass. Prof. Jerzy Snopek) and the Faculty of the Philology Institutes at the universities in Gdańsk (Prof. Małgorzata Czermińska) and Krakow (Prof. Jerzy Jarzębski, Prof. Ryszard Nycz).
The Foundation’s goal is to inspire and support international interest in Polish Philology through seeking contact with Polish Philologists abroad, as well as initiating and supporting research projects carried out together by Polish Philologists in Poland and abroad. Its activity area is a part of the so-called Advanced Studies. The Foundation would also like to see small seminar groups work under its patronage, as meeting centres for Polish Philologists worldwide, interested in common subjects and researching problems of Polish literature and culture – also in a comparative dimension. The possibility of securing this goal is now limited due to lack of necessary means.
The Foundation collaborates with state institutions and social organisations as well as with local and international universities, NGOs, associations, schools, foundations and other subjects. The field of the Foundation activities belongs to the advanced studies, i.e. it is aimed at Polish studies scholars abroad, translators, PhD candidates, teachers and lecturers, researchers. 
Since 1996 in cooperation with IBL PAN Publishing, the Foundation publishes the series “Polish Studies Abroad," whose aim is to make available to readers in Poland the most valuable books written by foreign Polish Philologists (12 volumes have been published so far).
The Foundation has also published 8 monographies in the series "From the History of Artistis Forms in Polish Literature:" Disputable and Undisputable Issues in Contemporary Literary Studies, eds. W. Bolecki, R. Nycz, Warsaw 2002, Narration and Identity, vol. 1: Narratives in Culture, eds. W. Bolecki, R. Nycz, Warsaw 2004; vol. 2 Anthropological Problems of Literature, eds. W. Bolecki, R. Nycz, Warsaw 2004; Litererary Representations of Experience, eds. W. Bolecki, E. Nawrocka, Warsaw 2007; Cultural Visualisations of Experience, eds. W. Bolecki, A. Dziadek, Warszawa 2010; The Record of History. Literary Studies and Historiography, eds. W. Bolecki, J. Madejski, Warsaw 2010. And besides the series: Poetics – Politics – Rhetorics, eds. W. Bolecki, R. Nycz, Warsaw 2006; Works – Languages – Traditions, eds. W. Bolecki, R. Nycz, Warsaw 2006. In 2005, during the International Book Fair in Warsaw, the Foudation organised a meeting with Swiss Polish studies scholars on the occasion of the launch of the book by François Rosset and Dominique Triaire’s “From Warsaw to Saragossa. Jan Potocki and His Oeuvre." Additionally a conference titled “Scholars in the Humanities and the Humanities in Central Europe at the Times of Political Trabsformation."
Chairperson of the Foundation’s Council: Prof. Teresa Kostkiewiczowa
Chairperson of the Foundation’s Management Board: Prof. Włodzimierz Bolecki
The Foundation does not have its own capital or office. It uses the address of IBL PAN as a guest. All works related to the Foundation are social. The Foundation operates thanks to the support of people and institutions. The payments made to the Foundation’s account may be used either for the statutory activity or for the carrying out of particular projects.
The Foundation’s bank account: 79 1020 1013 0000 0902 0112 2266


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