The Institute

The Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IBL PAN) is a highly recognised humanities research centre evolving from the centre of literary studies with focus on Polish literature and literary theory, to a modern cultural studies centre encompassing a wide range of research fields, often interdisciplinary.

The Institute is a nationally leading institution in research on Polish literature and culture, past and present, including highly specialised philological and lexicographic research. It is also a leading national centre for documentation and bibliography of Polish literature and its scholarly editions.

In recent years, the Institute has developed strong, often multidisciplinary teams in innovative research areas like gender studies, memory and Holocaust studies and studies on communism. It is also an early adopter of digital methods in the humanities with a vibrant, internationally active Digital Humanities Centre.

The Institute actively participates in international, mainly European, projects and networks, e.g. DARIAH-ERIC, CLARIN-ERIC, OPERAS, ERASMUS+, COST Actions, ECHIC. It is a doctoral-level teaching centre. A relevant part of IBL’s mission is sharing research results and knowledge with society at large through collaboration with cultural and educational institutions. Significant educational impact has the Polish Literature and Language Olympiad for high school students organized for more than 50 years.

The Institute of Literary Research builds active and dynamic research community with diverse research interests and scientific approaches. Our aim is to challenge disciplinary boundaries, and produce connected, innovative work that advances traditional methods of literary exploration.

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