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At the origin of the IBL PAN Library (created in 1948 together with the Institute) were Jan Michalski’s and Gabriel Korbut’s collections, comprising books of the 19th century and older, often unique. Owing to these collections, as well as to the regular purchase of Polish and foreign works and to the exchange with numerous well-known world institutions such as: Nobel Bibliothek, the School of Slavonic, the Library of Congress, Stanford University, Deutsches Polen Institut or Bibliothèque Nationale de France, the Institute’s Library is now the best literary research and studies unit in Poland.

Among its most precious collections are the following: manuscripts (including those of renowned writers such as Norwid, Orzeszkowa, Konopnicka, Kasprowicz, Gombrowicz, Miłosz), old prints (including the extremely precious brochures from the periods of Great Parliament and Kościuszko’s Insurrection, iconography (e.g. the unique collection of Adam Mickiewicz’s images, Napoleon Teka’s portfolios and the works of Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz), the collection of 19th century literature (including many objects inaccessible in other libraries), Judaica, the collection of postwar international literature studies, as well as an almost complete collection of the so-called “second circulation" literature. Under the patronage of the Library is the “Eliza Orzeszkowa Archive". Our library’s significance is confirmed by the fact that it has been included in the National Library Stock (Dz. U. nr 146, position 955, year 1998).

The Institute’s Library would like to inform its users that due to our participation in the RCIN Digital Repository of the Academic Institutions and the necessity to move the MAK library system onto the HORIZON platform, we were forced to close down the paper library catalogues as of 1st September 2011, since the new system does not allow for printing the catalogue cards. However, access to the paper catalogue will not be limitted. Additionally, the digital catalogue of the Library will be transfered from the website www.ibl.waw.pl to www.katalog.pan.pl. For your convenience, the access to the former MAK catalogue will not be limited, however, it will not be updated as of 31stAugust 2011. All necessary information and assistance will be provided by the Library stuff during the opening hours. We apologize for all the inconvenience. The RCIN programme allows for the digitalisation of all the most precious collections in the Library.

On 24th October 2008, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Institute of Literary Research, in the Adam Mickiewicz Museum of Literature the collection of the Library was presented in the framework of the exhibition “World is a Library."

The reading room opening hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 8.30 a.m. – 7.30 p.m.
Thursday, Friday 8.30 a.m. – 3 p.m

The reading room may be used by:
a) the employees of the PAN Institute of Literary Studies;
b) scholars working in the domains of Polish Philology and other social sciences;
c) Ph.D. students working on topics related to Polish literature; in justified cases – students: upon request of their tutor and with the consent of the Library’s Director;
d) other persons engaged in creative activities in the domain of culture.

Director of the Library – Łukasz Ossowski, room 028, tel. (+48 22) 657-28-25, cell. 606 313 438 lukasz.ossowski@ibl.waw.pl

Library Access Section
Room 026, tel. (+48 22) 657-28-42
Beata Madurska MA
Lucyna Twornicka MA

Inter-Library Section
Beata Madurska, MA tel. (+48 22) 657-28-42,
email: wmb@ibl.waw.pl
Due to some problems with our email we kindly ask you to send the requests vis traditional mail. We cordially apologise for all the inconvenience.

Purchase Section
room 132, tel. (+48 22) 657-28-39
Head of the Section
Agnieszka Żebrowska, MA deputy of the Library director
e-mail: agnieszka.zebrowska@ibl.waw.pl
Ilona Zięba, MA, e-mail: ilona.zieba@ibl.waw.pl

Studies Section
Room 134, tel. (+48 22) 657-27-27
Paweł Siedlecki, MA, e-mail: pawel.siedlecki@ibl.waw.pl
Grażyna Ossowska, MA, e-mail: kabula@ibl.waw.pl
Jacek Paulinek, MA

Special Collections Section
Room 119, tel. (+48 22) 657-27-76
Lidia Bakensztos, MA, e-mail: lidia.bakensztos@ibl.waw.pl
Anna Endzel, MA, e-mail: anna.endzel@ibl.waw.pl

Periodicals Section
Room 022, tel. (+48 22) 657-27-85
Teresa Borys, MA
Beata Śluzek, MA, e-mail: beata.sluzek@ibl.waw.pl


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