The Publishing House

The Publishing House of the Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences was established in 1990 and since then has published more than 500 titles. The books published by the Institute are addressed to both specialists – like literary scholars, critics, Polish philology teachers, men of letters – and to all bibliophiles and people interested in the wider humanities. Our books enjoy a good opinion among readers and are highly rated by professionals, as evidenced by several publishing competition awards, including:

• The Third Warsaw Meeting of the Good Book Publishers’ Award in 1994 for the volume of essays Geniusz wydziedziczony [Disinherited Genius] by Stefan Treugutt;
• "The Most Beautiful Book of the Year" Competititon Award of the Association of Book Publishers in 1995 for the book Inni wśród swoich [Others Among Their Own];
• The Fredro’s Quill Award in 1998 for Gdańsk oświeconych [Gdańsk of the Enlightened] by Anna Grześkowiak-Krwawicz and, in 1999, for publishing the autographs of Mickiewicz’s Dziady [Mickiewicz’s Forefathers’ Eve];
• The PTWK distinction in the "The Most Beautiful Book of the Year" Competititon in 2013 for the series Dramat Polski. Reaktywacja [Polish Drama: A Resurgence] edited by Artur Grabowski and Jacek Kopciński;
• An Akademia 2014 special distinction for the best academic and scholarly publication for editing Jan Tomkowski’s book Wojna książek. Biblioteka i historia literatury [Book War: The Library and Literary History];
• Nominations for the Jan Długosz Award of 2014 for the book Słowa i ludzie – 10 szkiców z antropologii filologicznej [Words and People: Ten Essays in Philological Anthropology] by Danuta Ulicka and for the book Modalności modernizmu. Studia – analizy – interpretacje [Modalities of Modernism: Studies – Analyses – Interpretations] by Włodzimierz Bolecki.

As part of many book series, the Publishing House of the Institute publishes habilitation theses, conference proceedings, monographs, edited volumes, and critical editions of the works of writers representing old Polish literature.

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