Digital Humanities Centre (CHC)


Head: Maciej Maryl, PhD, Assistant Professor, email:
We digitise the humanities while humanising the digital.
Digital Humanities Centre at the Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences was founded in October 2013 out of conviction that it is crucial that researchers integrate traditional humanities approaches into the digital culture. The Centre coordinates digital activities cross-cutting research, documentation, editorial and administrative areas.
Research Areas:
Digital Humanities Centre cooperates closely with three units of IBL PAN: Literary Research Infrastructure Laboratory (LIBL, IBL PAN Toruń branch), New Panorama of Polish Literature, and Department of Current Bibliography (IBL PAN Poznań branch).
Staff members:
Cezary Rosiński, PhD, Assistant Professor, email:
Tomasz Umerle, PhD, Assistant Professor, email:
Piotr Wciślik, PhD, Assistant Professor, email:

Agnieszka Zalotyńska, MA, email:

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