"Pro Cultura Litteraria" Association

00-330 Warsaw, Nowy Świat 72
room 121, tel. (+48 22) 6572-742

It was created in 1994 upon the initiative of the PAN Institute of Literary Studies employees, as an organisation supporting research, editing and popularization in the area of Polish Philology. It has forty-three members.

Main areas of activity:
- publishing of books and periodicals; financial and organizational support of the publishing of books related to literary studies and scholarly editing,
- popularisation activities and the financial and organizational support of country- and worldwide scholarly conferences.
Since 1995 the “Pro Culture Litteraria" Assocation along with IBL PAN Publishing has been editing the series Biblioteka Pisarzy Staropolskich [Old Polish Writers’ Library], which already counted thirty volumes in 2004. Since the year 2000 it has also been publishing the series Enlightenment Writers’ Library.
In 2012 the Association organised a competition titled “Digital Technologies in Education and NGOs" (http://technologieinformatyczne.edu.pl/)

Chairperson: Joanna Partyka, Associate Professor
Vice-Chairperson: Estera Lasocińska, PhD
Vice-Chairperson: Tomasz Ostromęcki, MA
Treasurer: Łukasz Ossowski, MA

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