Department of Current Bibliography (IBL PAN Poznań branch)


Head: Beata Domosławska, Senior information and documentation specialist, email:
Deputy Head: Tomasz Umerle, PhD, Assistant Professor, email:
Research areas:
  • bibliography
  • documentation studies
  • auxiliary sciences of literary studies
  • digital research infrastructures for literary studies
The focus of work of the Department is the Polish Literary Bibliography – an online database of annotated and constantly updated bibliographical information on Polish literature, theatre, radio, film and television. The PBL documents books published in Poland in Polish and other languages as well as books published abroad in Polish and other languages when they pertain to Polish writers or when their author is Polish.
The “Polish Literary Bibliography" publishing series has been printed since 1954, with 45 annuals published by 2000, containing materials for the years 1944/45–1988. The printed volumes of the PBL have been digitalized and they are available in the Digital Repository of Scientific Institutes
Since around 2001 and starting with data for 1989 the bibliography has been published only in a digital form accessible online. Recently, the team is working on the sources from the years 2004-2012. 
Links: Polish Literary Bibliography, Polish Literary Bibliography [beta version of new webpage], Facebook, Twitter 
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