Department of Historical Poetics

The research interests of the members of the Department are associated with the problems of historically variable forms of artistic language as related to the issues of genre theory, stylistics, rhetoric, literary programs, poetics, forms of literary criticism, and reception, as well as to the methodological problems of the history and theory of literature. Individual research projects conducted in the Department cover all literary genres (poetry, drama, prose fiction, essays, intergeneric forms) and various other categories (literary and paraliterary) studied on the basis of texts from different periods (mostly, from the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries).

prof. dr hab. Włodzimierz Bolecki
prof. dr hab. Ryszard Nycz
(pok. 01; "Teksty Drugie")

dr hab. Magdalena Rembowska-Płuciennik
dr Andrzej Karcz
prof. dr Agnieszka Kluba
dr Beata Śniecikowska
dr hab. Tamara Brzostowska-Tereszkiewicz
dr Maciej Maryl
dr Marta Bukowiecka








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