Third Regions of Literature Studies Group

Third Regions of Literature Studies Group

Room 125 tel. (+48 22) 6572-87
Nowy Świat 72 room 125
00-330 Warsaw
tel. (+48 22) 657-28-76

The Group was created in 2000 under the direction of Prof. Janusz Maciejewski (1930-2011). Its members are the stuff of the Institute as well as the researchers associated with the Institute and other academic institutions. The research of Prof. Maciejewski are being continued by his students and followers. The Group’s interests concern the literary “third regions”: the wide sphere between “high” artistic literature and folklore. This sphere comprises especially: occasional texts, preaching and other rhetoric forms, utilitarian literature (handbooks, instructions), as well as personal document literature (memoirs, epistolography).
Recently pursued and prepared research projects aims towards the sociology of literature as well as the contexts and relations of literature and other artistic disciplines (such as comix, photography and other visual arts), and culture as such.
The Group has for several years organised interdisciplinary academic conferences (see under Conference Archive) and seminars (see under the Archive of the Seminars), it has edited (since 1994) the annual academic journal titled “Napis” (see under the Archive of “Napis”) adedicated to occasional and utilitarian literature, as well as other research projects (see under recent and completed projetcs).

Members of the Group work in the following sections:
1. Comic book section
2. Editorial section
3. Section of the Research on the 19th Cultural Formation

Head of the Group – Associate Professor Marek Pąkciński
Members of the Group
Agnieszka Bąbel PhD secretary of the Group
Wojciech Kaliszewski PhD
Marcin Kuźma PhD
Konrad Niciński PhD
Kamila Tuszyńska PhD
Bartłomiej Szleszyński PhD
Iwona Wiśniewska PhD
Agata Grabowska-Kuniczuk MA
Małgorzata Lisicka MA

Office Hours: Wednesdays 12 p.m. - 2 p.m.
Contact: Third Regions of Literature Studies Group
Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences
Nowy Świat 72, 00-330 Warszawa
tel. +48 22 657 28 76 (Wednesdays); tel./fax +48 22 826 99 45






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