The World as an Archive – Critical Modes of Historicity


NPRH grant
for years 2012-2014

Katarzyna Bojarska,
Paweł Mościcki (IBL PAN),
Krzysztof Pijarski (PWSFTviT),
Tomasz Szerszeń (IS PAN).

In the course of work on the project, the researchers have analyzed closely to what extent in the context of critical reflection on the past, the concept of the archive becomes not only one of most important notions for theory and practice (artistic and academic), but also a key to meta-reflection in various disciplines, serving to reconceptualize literary studies, art history and history more generally within an academic institution. In its initial phase the project was discussed in an article offering a kind of research manifesto, published in an academic journal of young scholars in cultural studies, entitled "Mała Kultura Współczesna" The project flourished in numerous seminars, public discussions and lectures/presentations with participants both from Poland and abroad. The outcome of the research was published on the website which then was turned into an on-line peer-review academic journal entitled “View. Theories and Practices of Visual Culture" (materials published in Polish and English). The journal is co-published by the IBL PAN and the Institute of Polish Culture of University of Warsaw. Invited by the Modern Art Museum in Warsaw, the participant of the projects organized a series of seminars in the framework of Open Museum, in the “Narration" series, entitled “Points of View". These were the encounters with renown figures in the field of visual culture and critical theory from all over the world All participants of the projects carried out their individual research, travels to libraries and museums as well as conferences in Poland and abroad. Many relationships have been established in the course of the project and it surely has its afterlife in the form of the journal.

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