Gender and Nation. The Culture of Social Change in Poland after 1989


Agnieszka Mrozik
NCN grant
for years 2011-2013

The goal of the project is analyzing the transformation processes connected to Polish women’s gender and national identity after 1989, as recorded in cultural texts (fiction, (auto)biography, popular culture) created after the systemic change. The point of intersection of gender and national roles is of key important here, meaning that the question about the role of women in Polish democracy after 1989 is accompanied by an inquiry into how this role differs from that assigned to Polish women in other historical periods and by the question of what activities are initiated by women themselves in order to develop completely new roles; fitting the contemporary situation of Poland. Analyses of women’s identity are set against the broader background of changes taking place after 1989 in the entire Polish society, thrown off the deep end into free market economy and global politics, while remaining engulfed in internal conflicts related to history, memory, tradition.
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