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Poetics of (Mis)understanding: Culture-Making Potential of Interference in Artistic Communication

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Historical Poetics Department of the Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Board of the Foundation "Center for International Polish Studies," we would like to invite you to participate in an international interdisciplinary conference "Poetics of (Mis)understanding: Culture-Making Potential of Interference in Artistic Communication." The conference will take place on December 7-8, 2017 at the Institute of Literary Research (ul. Nowy Świat 72, Pałac Staszica) in Warsaw, Poland.

We are interested primarily in exploring the positive aspects of misunderstandings in communication – unlike the approaches that have traditionally emphasized the destabilizing and destructive impact of such interferences. Together with you, we would like to show the mistakes and misunderstandings in communication as an undervalued source of innovation in culture. We treat misunderstanding and various semantic shifts as mechanisms of intercultural contact that are permanent, inherent, and impossible to eliminate; they are inscribed in the broadly defined translation process.

We want to reflect upon communication that is para-, between-, and beyond language; that is (inter)cultural, literary and artistic. We would be particularly interested in approaches within the areas of literary criticism, anthropology, cultural and translation studies. We treat all philosophical, sociological, communication, and cognitive perspectives as a context for issues in the fields of literature, culture, and translation.

Allen Kuharski, Richard Lowe: The Digital Archiving of Performance Data: The Case of Witold Gombrowicz / Otwarte zebranie Centrum Humanistyki Cyfrowej IBL PAN, 28 listopada 2017, 13:00, sala 144 (Pałac Staszica)

The history of Witold Gombrowicz in performance is a uniquely rich and complex one to capture and share as a digital archive.  Gombrowicz is Poland's most widely performed playwright globally (in at least 40 countries and 32 language to date), with Iwona, księżniczka Burgunda by far the most widely and consistently performed Polish play abroad.  The great majority of the history of the performance of Gombrowicz has taken place in languages other than Polish, and includes examples in every genre and medium of performance and a vast and diverse history of adaptations of his non-dramatic works.  While relatively modest in scale (currently approximately 1500 productions), the Gombrowicz Performance Database requires maximum complexity in design to capture, organize, and share such diverse performance data.  As such, it provides an essential resource on Gombrowicz for both scholars and theater professionals, along with providing an innovative and flexible prototype of optimal performance database design for other subjects.

16-18 November 2017: International Conference: "Gender, Generations, Communism in Central and South-Eastern Europe: Concepts, Discourses, Practices"

Organisers: Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Slavonic Studies at the University of Leipzig, The Committee on Literary Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences

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14-15 June 2018 r., Warsaw: International Conference "Poles in Chicago: The Experience of an Immigrant. Integration, Isolation and Assimilation"

25-26 stycznia 2018, Dyneburg: International Scientific Conference "XXVIII Scientific Readings"

The annual international conference “Scientific Readings” organized by the Faculty of Humanities (FH) of Daugavpils University (DU) is a big research event that represents the major spheres of the humanities, research subjects, methodologies, and interdisciplinary innovations at the faculty.
The mission of the “Scientific Readings” of DU is to bring together researchers to discuss topical issues in linguistics, literary science, history, and culture, applying both traditional, approbated and modern, interdisciplinary research methodologies to characterizing the processes of the humanities, sustain and establish research contacts.


















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