Department of Current Bibliography

ul. Wieniawskiego 17/19, room 269
61-712 Poznań
Tel. (61) 852-85-03 ext. 269

Members of the Department:
Chair: Ms. Beata Domosławska, M.A.
Dr. Paulina Czwordon-Lis
Ms. Izabela Hojdis, M.A.
Ms. Karolina Przysiecka, M.A.
Ms. Beata Latosińska, M.A.
Mr. Tomasz Mioduszewski, M.A.
Ms. Małgorzata Szkudlarska, M.A.
Ms. Aleksandra Włoszczyńska, M.A.
Mr. Stanisław Wróbel, M.A.
Ms. Anna Ziomek-Miarkowska, M.A.
Ms. Magda Dymek, M.A. (office hours: Thursdays 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.; Pałac Staszica, room 311B, Warsaw)
Nikodem Wołczuk

Retired scholars who participate in the activities of the Department:
Mr. Jacek Biesiada, M.A.
Dr. Zyta Szymańska

About the Department:
The main task of the Department (est. 1948) is to prepare the subsequent volumes of the Polska Bibliografia Literacka [Polish Literary Bibliography] – a publication series that has been produced since 1954. So far, volumes covering the years 1944-1988 have appeared in print. Since 1989, the bibliography has been published in electronic format (CD-ROM). The bibliography covers a wide range of topics and includes works on literary theory and history; literary, theater, and film criticism; contemporary literature; and literary life. It also encompasses Polish literary and paraliterary texts (published both in the form of books and on the pages of domestic and émigré periodicals) and their translations; foreign language literary texts translated into Polish; other forms of literature reception, such as theater performances (drama, puppet, and amateur shows), radio plays, television drama, as well as the annual production of Polish feature films and their reviews.

Starting with the 1990 volume, the bibliography was reorganized. The change primarily concerns the reduction of the periodicals’ list. Also, slight modifications will be introduced in the bibliography’s thematic coverage as all the information that has little to do with literature will be removed.

Recently, there have also been other publications produced in the Department, including A Bibliography of Polish Literary Studies and Literary Theory in Poland for 1993 (publ. 1995) and for 1994 (publ. 1996) edited by Jacek Biesiada and Aleksandra Włoszczyńska, and Without Censorship: Literature, Publishing Industry, and Theater 1976-1989 (publ. 1999) edited by Jerzy Kandziora, Zyta Szymańska, and Krystyna Tokarz.


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