Text Criticism and Scientific Editing Center

Text Criticism and Scientific Editing Center
Room 121, tel. (+48 22) 6572-742

The Center was created in 1997 from the initiative of Adam Karpiński, Associate Professor, under the name "The Editing and Text Criticism Group".

In 2000 it was transformed into a Center, and became a discussion forum for literary historians and researchers of other humanities disciplines interested in the problems of scientific editing and textology.

Open editorial meetings take place on the 3rd Monday of every month (from October till June).

Since 1995 the Center has published the series "Biblioteka Pisarzy Staropolskich" ["Old Polish Writers Library"] and since the year 2000 the series "Biblioteka Pisarzy Polskiego Oświecenia" ["Polish Enlightenment Writers Library"], both with the cooperation of the "Pro Cultura Litteraria" Association.

The Center is preparing a study of the rules of editing of Old Polish literary texts. Since 2000 the Center has been working on the publication of the works by Adam Mickiewicz and Juliusz Słowacki.

Head of the Center - Adam Karpiński, Professor
Maria Prussak, Associate Professor (doc. dr hab.) Wednesday 12.00-14.00
Marek Troszyński. Ph.D. Wednesday 12.00-14.00
Ariadna Masłowska-Nowak Monday, Thursday 10.00-13.00
Teresa Winek
Wednesday 12.00-14.00



















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